Next Generation College Trust

The first new college savings method since 1996.

When families choose the Next Generation College Trust, they ensure that their child will receive $50,000 upon graduation from any accredited college in the U.S.

That’s $50,000 for your child to start life as an independent adult — to erase any debts they might have, to go on to graduate school, to start their business, or to buy their first home. The choice will be theirs.

We invest Next Generation College Trust funds with an investment advisor firm that currently manages more than $7 trillion in global assets.

We insure every child’s $50,000 benefit through one of the most trusted insurance corporations in the U.S.

Next Generation College Trust will be there when your child graduates so they will have options going forward. You can rest assured in their future while you focus on what they need now.

Who We Are

Next Generation BC is a benefit company, which means we aim to make a positive impact on society. We firmly believe in investing to assure a brighter future for generations to come, including your next generation.

Contact us at Next Generation Benefit Company and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. No high-pressure sales, no complicated forms or IRS schedules, no tricks.
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